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  • Type: Business
  • Price: $7,900,000

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Business Summary

For over 30 years this business has established a solid reputation specializing in all types of general contracting work in industrial and commercial construction and installation. It provides turnkey solutions to major industrial facilities in BC and implements mechanical and structural steel installations. It’s team of highly skilled employees have undertaken projects ranging from construction of saw mills facilities to manufacturing and installation of air baggage handling systems.

Business Details

  • In business for over 30 years
  • Diversified customer base spread across multiple industries
  • High barriers of entry and industry expertise ensure less market competition.
  • Proven safety and quality assurance track record
  • Able to undertake both union and non-union projects
  • Highly skilled and multi-disciplined workforce adaptable to any industry

Financial Summary


Year Revenue EBITDA
2016 $20,820,000 $2,875,000
2017 $6,120,000 $1,013,000
2018 $10,050,000 ($29,000)
2019 $18,310,000 $2,970,000
2020 Forecast $18,550,000 $2,700,000

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Alf Sanderson
Phone: (604) 691-6646
Cell: (604) 657-5638

Delon Cheung
Phone: (604) 691-6654
Cell: (604) 760-7367