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  • Type: Business
  • Price: $1,950,000

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Business Summary

This business has been operating in the cabinetry industry for almost 20 years, offering personalized design services for custom woodwork in newly constructed, renovated, or remodelled homes and offices. Their locally designed, manufactured, and installed cabinetry is custom fitted to match each clients’ lifestyle. Every job is meticulously prepared and installed by skilled craftsmen in the industry, giving it a unique and appealing finish.

Business Details

  • In business for almost 20 years.
  • Services both residential and commercial customers
  • Business has built and maintained long term relationships with General Contractors.
  • Team of seasoned and proficient craftsmen.

Financial Summary

Year (YE December 31) Revenue EBITDA
2018 $1,183,000 $251,000
2019 $1,173,000 $302,000
2020 $1,199,000 $382,000
2021 $1,812,000 $519,000
2022* $1,823,000 $634,000

*Pending accountant prepared financials

Price: $1,950,000


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