Position Your Company For Sale

NAI professionals will assist you to position the business for sale properly. Company positioning is similar to attitude in that proper positioning will produce positive results just as a positive attitude produces a richer and fuller life. Because it is virtually impossible to view oneself truly objectively, positioning should be left to a professional. To properly position a company for acquisition the following steps must be taken:

  1. Objectively determine the company’s strengths and weaknesses;
  2. Identify the firm’s uniqueness and hidden values;
  3. Understand the subjective environment that surrounds the business;
  4. Research and gather data and information from outside sources to substantiate and verify opportunity;
  5. Quantify subjective data to give credibility to a projected future value; and
  6. Weave the gathered information into a comprehensive profile of the company and the opportunity the firm represents.

A properly positioned firm sells for a premium price to a person or company able to enhance the operation. The owner receives an optimum price. The buyer acquires an exciting opportunity. Customers, employees and vendors continue their beneficial relationship with the firm.

Obtaining the best price for a business begins with the timely decision to sell. The business owner should be limited to the decision to sell only. Thereafter, professional assistance should be obtained in order to maximize value, maintain confidentiality, and avoid costly mistakes.

Major corporations engage “pros” to enhance the value of their products in the marketplace. Professional athletes have their promoters, actors their agents, public companies their investment bankers. The unfortunate fact that most small to mid-size companies are sold for much less than they should indicates that the owners of these companies need professional assistance in their sales process.

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